Lungmen Nuclear Project, Taiwan

Framework of a trevelling Band Screen for Ho Ping, Taiwan
Brackett Green Ltd, established in 1898 and probably Colchester's oldest engineering company has secured two major contracts to supply the safety related
cooling water filtration equipment to the first Nuclear Power Station in Taiwan. At £12,000,000 these orders represent the largest single order ever received by Brackett Green.

The Lungmen Nuclear Project started for Brackett Green in 1998 and involved many visits to the Far East. Political pressures and a change of government in Taiwan finally allowed the project to proceed. Teams of engineers from Colchester will be visiting Taiwan over the next 2-3 years with a view to the power station being put into commercial operation by 2006.

Nuclear and Thermal Power Station wherever they may be, generating many thousands of kilowatts produce vast amounts of unwanted heat, this heat is removed from the system by heat exchanges and condensers. To achieve this heat transfer huge volumes of cold water are pumped through the cooling system to remove the heat from the main cooling medium. This cooling water is extracted from either the sea, rivers or lakes, and before it can be used it must be free of all potential contaminants. This is where Brackett Greens expertise comes in to play. In the case of Lungmen the plant will pump 15m³/sec of sea water through the system, all of which must be filtered in stages from 75mm through 5mm down to 130 micron. Brackett Green will supply 2 huge mobile raking screens each weighing in at over 15 tons to remove the very large objects such as masses of seaweed, oil drums, logs etc from sea water intake, the sea water is then filtered again by 12 very big travelling bandscreens, these units are built entirely of stainless steel and weigh over 20 tons they will be installed in pits almost 20m deep and will filter the water down to 5mm, removing any jelly fish seaweed and smaller particles from the sea water, the final filtration down to 130 micron is achieved by 36 fully automatic pipeline filters ranging in size from 150mm to 1000mm in dia.

The Lungmen Nuclear Project posed a very special set of problems to the Brackett Green engineers, the site, like much of Taiwan, is subject to earth quakes and all the equipment that Brackett Green will supply has to be designed to withstand and operate during these seismic events. Very few companies in the world have the knowledge or expertise to deal with these problems and the Taiwanese Power Authorities and their American Architect Engineers searched the world to find suitably qualified companies. Being able to demonstrate proven site experience was of prime importance to all concerned and after an arduous pre-qualification process Brackett Green was the only qualifying contractor to meet the exceptionally exacting standards required.

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